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The Wyong Roos Foundation

Who We Are

The Wyong Roos Foundation strive to invest in projects that are going to improve the lives of people within its immediate community who are facing challenges or are socially, economically or physically disadvantaged.

The Foundation was established in 2017 as an initiative of the Wyong Leagues Group who throughout its history has always supported community groups above and beyond the mandated legislative minimum.


Our Mission

The establishment of the Foundation was to enable the Group to service this objective more effectively and efficiently. The Foundation provides a focus on assisting smaller groups who attract little funding and assistance from government and large charitable organisations and who aren’t big enough to generate significant fundraising income of their own. As a lot of large charities, in recent years have high admin costs, this can mean that only a fraction of the money that is meant to be going to those in need actually gets to where it’s intended. It is the Wyong Roos Foundation’s aim to ensure that monies raised is directed to those who are most in need. The groups funded by the Wyong Roos Foundation have little to no admin costs, so the money we provide is going directly to the cause. This means the groups we support are run by volunteers that get nothing in return but the satisfaction of helping others and making a difference in their lives. That is why we are so passionate about supporting these groups.


Our Promise

The Wyong Roos Foundation Committee, is totally committed to champion the vision of caring and supporting the communities it serves.



Criteria Outline

The following criteria is provided as a basis of funding eligibility:


  • The applicant can either be an individual, a group or a volunteer organisation
  • The applicant needs to be situated or located in a local government area within which the Wyong Leagues Group has a venue or venues
  • The applicant is unable to seek all necessary funding through other channels
  • There must be no administration costs tied to a funding request


Our current major beneficiaries, please click here to see our previous beneficiaries.


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