Wyong Leagues Group


ClubGRANTS is one of Australia’s largest grant programs, providing more than $100 million in cash each year to a variety of worthy causes across NSW.

Charities, sporting organisations and not-for-profit community groups are among tens-of-thousands of worthy causes funded through the program each year.

The Wyong Rugby League Club Group is extremely proud to make a difference in our local communities and the many organisation’s within them. It is a core focus of the group to continue to assist the organisation’s that touch the members and communities of the clubs.

In the past 12 months the Group provided over $236,000 in ClubGRANT support to local projects.

Please note if prior funding has been provided the appropriate reporting must be submitted before further funding is considered. For more information on reporting please see www.clubgrants.com.au/faqs

For more information regarding WRLCG ClubGRANTS please see www.clubgrants.com.au or email clubgrants@wyongleagues.com.au